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Mentor Application
If you are interested in becoming a Level Ground Mentor, please complete and submit the application below.  Or you may download the PDF version and either copy, complete, scan and email the application to or print, complete, and mail to us at: Level Ground, Inc., 4880 Lower Roswell Road, Suite 165-314, Marietta, GA 30068-4385
Marital Status:
Do you have a current driver's license
Do you have a vehicle?
2. Describe how your experience in the following fields prepares you for mentoring former inmates:
4. An initial training program (4 sessions) plus a certification training at Walker State Prison in Rock Springs GA is required. There is also a 2 hour mandatory workshop on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 6:00 to 8:00 pm with dinner provided. Are you willing to participate?
6. There are a number of Level Ground guidelines which are in place for your security regarding personal involvement with former inmates. You will be asked to sign an agreement to abide by these guidelines before a match with a mentee is made. Do you agree?
7. Level Ground carries insurance on all Mentors for their volunteer activities time including auto insurance. Once you are matched with a former inmate you will be asked to fill out an insurance form.
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